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As one family, we grow together.

FTC is a multi media collective consisting of multi layered and talented individuals dedicated to using all of their skills in order to provide nothing but the best digital and analog art across various platforms including live performances in and outside FTC’s Tree House Studio.

Through support, encouragement, and free flowing exchange of ideas, we aim to grow as individuals and as a brand, an umbrella that encompasses a diversity of talent and personalities.

Collaborating as we grow, we plant more seeds and sprout new branches, we become a recognizable force of change, while welcoming everyone and eliminating ego driven false exclusivity so that we can all perpetuate and promote the root of our collective, the love of music, art and people across a wide array of digital and organic platforms.

FTC is family.

It’s a place where no matter how far you may venture or how long you may be away, you know that you’ll always have family to come home to.

FTC is home.

It’s a community to always find love and light no matter how dark the days become.

FTC is a place

of inspiration and joy, constantly elevating everyone in and around the Collective to be better, not because of competition but to honor the incredible talent and genuine people that lies within.

FTC is where

spirits are uplifted, and hearts are filled with unconditional love. No judgments. Safe space. Authentic people. Passionate encouragement. Genuine support.

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