I (Elation) wasn’t able to make the opening day of Mount Vernon Records. I stopped by today to talk to Cool DJ Willie and to give MVR a plant on behalf of FTC. I think it took a minute, maybe 2, for Willy to show me the couple of Kaleidoscope records he had. Everyone should know that Huda Hudia is my favorite Breaks producer and I’ve been collecting Kaleidoscope tracks since the early 90’s. Apparently, Willy knows this about me. I love the vibe he and his MVR partner, Doc, are creating. “We want to bring back the community feel that other record stores, like Modern Music, did many years ago. We have chairs so people can sit and just hang out. We’ll be teaching music classes and having podcasts in the courtyard in the near future.” I absolutely can’t wait! Talks of cross promoting MVR and FTC didn’t take long as we’re both on the same page. “We are Groot!” Nothing but love to our friend, fellow DJ and amazing human, William Hicks. For hard to find Hip Hop, DnB, House and other gems, click link below.   💖🌳