I usually just post our Treehouse Live sessions to our events page but this one was extra special. It’s always a great time when our Internal Konflict Productions family comes to the Tree House Studio and this night was no different. We originally had Micke as 1 of of our guests but due to illness, he had to bow out. I (elation) called Habitude, who was our other guest, to see if he could wrangle up somebody else to replace Micke. It didn’t take long for us to agree on Solid, also from IKP.  The scene was set.

IKP Bench Boss, Substrate, got things warmed up around 6 with his own stream……BIG ups and many thanks! At 7, Reid raided into FTC’s own Barthio. You never know what this guy will play, which is one of the many reasons why I love him. After tearing it up for an hour, the FTC Treehouse Live S2:E8 was ready to go.  First up was FTC’s High Tension with the DnB rollerz which set the tone for the rest of the night. After High Tension, I (elation) was next on the decks. I’ll admit I was a little nervous since High Tension set the bar so high and I’ve had an artist block for a few weeks. All of that quickly disappeared once i got some encouraging words from our viewers and people in the studio. There were 2 moments that stood out and blew me away. First is when, The Rowdy Sister, PMMAIRE broke out the champagne for everybody in the Tree House. To see everybody raise their glass in unison said more than words could ever express. Video can be found HERE. The second incredible moment happened when, long time brother from another mother, Buckey Davis, walked into the studio with a massive cut out tree he’d been eyeing up for a while. Tree gets put up around 1:27:07 of the stream found HERE. It looks so amazing and fits perfectly.

The IKP boys, Solid and Habitude closed the night down properly with the fire beats. From beginning to end, a lot of love was felt from our viewers, who cheered bits and gave out subscriptions to our channel. We work hard at everything we do and it feels awesome to be acknowledged and loved. We love what we do and we do what we love #forthefam.