“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…Tales from the Family Tree.”  1 day soon, this will be a podcast for anyone to listen to. I’ve experienced a lot of crazy things and I’ve heard just as many from other members of FTC.

FTC went to “Transit” on July 27th. Transit is the DMV’s longest running EDM night. Been around for 20 plus years. World class acts and local talent wind up at the downstairs bar at The Auld Shebeen on a Weds. night at some point in their career.

This was our 3rd visit to Transit. The first time we went, I (Elation) lost my key fob. That was really fun. A tow truck, multiple hours and $500 later, we were on the road headed back to Baltimore. The second time we went was to play with The Freestylers. Absolute epic night. No bad juju that night. Fast forward to last week. I’m on my way to pick up Cesar from his house, which I’ve done million times. It’s a typical Weds. with traffic on Interstate 695. Traffic slowed down rapidly but the car in back of me did not. I get rear ended. Damn it, I’m going to be late picking up Cesar. Luckily nobody was hurt and my vehicle was still drivable with a little damage to the rear bumper. The other guy’s car….not so much. A State Trooper quickly shows up and escorts us out of the lane. Nice guy and very helpful. We all do the insurance and information dance. I talk with the guy who hit me, who turns out to be a guitar teacher in Montgomery County and has never been in a major accident before. The State Trooper gets out of his car and proceeds to give us the report and what we should do next. I ask if anything else is needed from me as I am trying to go about my day. The State Trooper says no as he looks at the turntable arm tattoo on my forearm. He asks me if I’m a DJ, to which I say yes. He says he’s been a DJ for 16 years. I can’t make this up! Told him I’d try to find him on the web, gave our website URL and told him I was on my way to a DJ gig in Fairfax VA.

I finally pick up Cesar and head to the Tree House to meet the rest of the Rowdy crew. We all pile into my vehicle and away we go. We made it in time to check into the Air BnB and have a pre game drink.  We call an Uber and head to the Auld Shebeen to get some delicious Irish food and a few more drinks. I’ll just say that High Tension (Bill) had an interesting night with the help of an Irish friend named Jameson. Our Uber driver was a nice gentleman from India. I talked with him and explained who FTC was and why we were in his vehicle. He tells me to remember the little people when we become rich and famous. He also volunteered to be the official driver of the Family Tree Collective. Best part of this Uber was the driver had a forest of tree fresheners hanging from his mirror.

After we ate and drank, it was time to set up and soundcheck. We did what we always do, which is bang dem beats and bring the rowdy heaters. We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to the next time we go to Transit. Big ups and much love to the Transit fam and all they do.