The Time It Takes

To put things into perspective…Depending on your style of play, it takes roughly 18 or more tracks to make a 1 hour mix. Again, it depends if you like flipping your tracks fast, playing them out or a combo of both. It has taken me around 4 hours just to briefly listen to some tracks that “make the cut” for me. I still have 3 or 4 more tracks to go. I’m stuck on 15 currently. I would say I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to find a track to go with the last on my list. Once I get 3 or 4 more tracks I will begin arranging the list. This will take many more hours because the drops have to be seamless and perfect. After the arrangement, it will take an unGodly amount of time for me to practice my 1 hour set so I am happy with it. The only reason why I am telling you this is I hope you can appreciate the time, love and energy that any musician puts into their craft. If you want to know how you can show your appreciation, go to a show, throw your hands up, scream because you feel it, and dance because you love it. #supportyourlocaldj #musicislife #iwontstop #dj #breakbeatmusic