“This isn’t what I do, it’s who I am”

FTC sister here! Music is in my blood.  My dad is a preacher, singer and musician.  Growing up in the church with him I played piano and sang in the choir.  After discovering a Traktor S8 controller that my husband had, I quickly learned that I enjoyed mixing music on it and started learning more about DJ’ing.

I was asked to join Family tree collective September 2022. From streaming, festivals, parties, and weddings. I have now become a full time Dj.  I’m a drum and bass girl at heart, playing […]


Mike E

DJ Mike E

FTC’s Resident TreeHOUSE GANGSTA and “FTC Famous.”

House/Tech House


High Tension

High Tension

Drum & Bass/Minimal Techno

“2 Turntables without a microphone.”

Legend has it that after stepping back from the decks for a bit, a guy walks into a house party and gets befriended by 2 dudes. One in an orange beanie, full of inspirational positivity and the other, some salty so-and-so with a sound system. At gunpoint, but probably really more over cold beverages, Cesar and Elation make a compelling argument that I needed to return to the craft. After joining joining forces with them and Chipleh, we threw an epic house […]




House/Nu Disco

“Funk Re-Imagined”

The east coast native of many names (Figment, Jesse James and half of The Family Funk Project) calls the unrelenting madness of Los Angeles, CA home.
His roots are firm in the Disco, House and Soul worlds but branch out to work with artists and labels of endless genres. The two decades of touring and monthly residencies has allowed his unique blend & style the necessary exposure to develop and transition into the world of production. Now that everything is opening back up he’s set to hit the […]




Breakbeats/Tech House

Husband, Father, FTC Main Root, One Half of Family Funk Project and Breakbeat Freak. Elated watching the Family Tree grow.

“For The Fam”

The 90’s Baltimore rave scene is where I found a lot of things missing from my life and where I planted the seed that would grow into the Family Tree Collective. It was Chip Whiteford, a.ka. Chipleh, who took me to The Paradox on a Thursday night and to my first party, Fever. I remember walking in and feeling overwhelmed by […]




Breaks/Trance/Progressive House/Ehop/Hip Hop/DnB

I started DJ-ing in high school, in the early 90s because, well, it was cool. I gave it up for a few years to devote myself to car audio installation and competition, but I never could quite get the spark to go completely out. In the late 90’s, I picked it back up again and discovered a new passion for beat mixing, loving how it made people get up and dance and just forget everything but the music and the way it made them feel for a while. I love that I can […]




Trance, Breaks, House

I first fell in love with electronic music one weekend in 1994. I had grown up in a religious background and attended a religious school so I didn’t have any exposure to mainstream or underground music.

I’ve stayed in this scene ever since and will be here till I’m not on this earth. My one and only goal as a DJ and performer is to help other’s get to that point of love with this music.

I was blessed to become a part of FTC through the connections made on twitch. Thanks to this medium I’ve […]




Code monkey by day, beat junkie by night, Chipleh was raised on the rave: starting back in 1992, he found his home in the Baltimore Rave culture. Nowadays, he’s a live PA technician, FTC founding member and resident dnb practitioner; from original productions to old school bangers, from classic jungle to dnb rollers, he will keep the flips coming.

More media: Chipleh on Bandcamp | Chipleh on Metapop | Chipleh on Mixcloud […]




Breakbeats, House, DnB

My illustrious DJ journey had humble beginnings in the 90’s Baltimore underground scene, as I fell in love with the music, the vibes and, of course, the people… My soul brothers and sisters, a lot of whom I didn’t personally know but felt an unspoken, deep bond with, connected by our mutual burning passion for music.

As I danced the night away at parties like Fever and Buzz, moved by the rhythms and melodies seamlessly mixed by so many phenomenal DJs, I was inspired to a new level of expression. I […]




“Dropping breakbeats and rowdy heaters with Family Tree Collective.”

I, Carlos Cervantes, began DJing in the late 90s on the east coast as DJ Likuidvibe. I enjoyed playing various styles of underground music, but my attention quickly changed to focusing on breakbeats. The East Coast was a great area to play and I appreciated playing at several different venues throughout NJ, VA, PA, and MD until 2006 when I moved to Korea.

 The name DJ Likuidvibe was left behind when I began playing at mainstream clubs in Korea and Japan, focusing more on top […]

Bonita AppleBoom

Bonita AppleBoom

Melodic Techno/House/Breakbeats

Bonita AppleBoom, aka Ashleigh Campbell, is a multi-genre DJ/producer from South Florida.

A lifelong musician, Bonita entered the electronic music scene in the mid-90s first in South Florida and then in Denver, CO, where she co-ran a record label, FXTC Records, with her then-boyfriend collaborating with influential DJs like Dj Hipp-e (Chicago) andJustin O’Brien (New Mexico).

As a vinyl trance DJ, Bonita’s talent and dedication allowed her to leave a lasting impact on the audience. After graduating high school, she returned to South Florida, securing a residency before stepping away from the music scene to […]




Who needs this many personas? Like Really

Thanks for checking my bio out!  I love music, what more needs to be said? My primary style is drum and bass but am comfortable playing just about anything and with anyone.  I’ve been clashing records and styles since the mid/late 80’s when I started out keeping the high school backyard parties going with an eclectic mix of the then sounds…hip hop, goth rock, progressive/alternative electronic, industrial, pop, acid house, etc.

I split time in the 90s between underground and mainstream dj’ing around the Baltimore/DC area and easily moved […]