It is my HONOR to announce, this coming Sunday 6/26… Myself, Heather Effie Carzis and Ladies on Decks are taking over the Symbiosis raid train… that is right. we have an amazing train coming your way from midnight to midnight. 24 full hours of female dj’s playing a variety of genres/sub-genres for your pleasure. We will have a variety of Breaks, House, DnB, Dance, and even Hip Hop. Variety IS the spice of life on this Summer edition of AF (all female) so mark your calendars because you will not want to miss this! Did I mention this train reaches beyond our northern border to Canada as well as all the way to the down under?
Shouts to Purest Purity for letting us ladies take the day! We will continue to offer our viewers an opportunity to help us with our philanthropic goal of raising funds for the March of Dimes throughout the stream. So, please join us next weekend. We will see you in the chat. Props to these ladies for being part of this amazingness! Leslie Jean Crow Aimée Jackins Amanda EdwardsJennifer Adrenacrone Ellis Jill Mrslowgfunk Tsi Joey Mega Krahn Leila Hassan Marcia Sloan Misty Rose Prisma Pree T. Grand Stephanie Laframboise