“Have a 3 day festival in the forest,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. It was and I’m glad FTC put this event together. Bringing people together is what we’re about. We brought 2 similar families together for a weekend. FTC broke bread and beats with Internal Konflict Productions. Over the past year, FTC and IKP have supported, promoted and grown with each other. Reid Larch (IKP  once told me “All ships rise in the high tide.” This saying is a direct reflection of what FTC and IKP practice and embody.

The music was incredible and was played non stop for 12 hours a day. Other talents were also on display with Lynnette DiScalo, of IKP, taking some amazing photos all weekend. All of the photos in this blog came from her eye and camera. More of here work can be found at Holistic Arts.

Bonds were strengthened, new connections were made, amazing talent was on full display and FTC can’t wait to do it again in the Fall or next year.