Internal Konflict Productions Treehouse Live Takeover 4/16/22

Our IKP family made the long journey to the Treehouse Studio on 4/16/22. They brought the wicked tunes, good vibes and the Rowdy ruckus. FTC rolled out the red carpet for this monumental occasion as we brought 2 families closer together. The all star line up consisted of Stoney Jay (who officially joined IKP this very night) Innovader, Substrate, Habitude and Eikkon.  FTC was in the background running the stream, forming bonds and getting Rowdy Rowdy with our IKP brothers and sisters. After we worked out some technical difficulties in the beginning, the stream was up for 6 hours with a steady 20-25 people watching. The high energy throughout the night was only matched by the music played. It was a memorable night for many reasons but the most important one was the bond made between FTC and IKP.

YouTube Video