What We’ve Done

Our History

Our diverse roots are grounded in mutual love for music.

While our branches evolved as individuals, we remained a part of the whole, each sustaining the tree by contributing in our own unique ways.

We are the sum of all parts and all parts are equal. We celebrate diversity and encourage all things creative and inspired.

Our community is dedicated to promoting all our branches by supporting individual and collective endeavors.

We are committed to empowering each other with the combined abilities of the collective.

Like all families, we plant new seeds and welcome new branches.

Through decades of cultivation and nurturing, the tree grew stronger.

Music is what brought us together and is our driving force and platform that allows us to showcase our talents, share our passions, support our community and spread our message…. Together we are stronger.

Together we can make a difference. Join our community. Be a part of the tree. Family Tree Forever.

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