What We Do

A Bit of Our History

Family Tree Collective is

a support system, a network of friends with diverse passions, talents and skill sets.

The seed was planted in the early 90’s, by Elation during the blossoming Baltimore underground dance music scene, and quickly took root and sprouted the tree from which our many branches continue to grow.

Our collective members are primarily based in Baltimore, the surrounding Maryland counties, and Virginia, but our Roots also spread to Southern California and other westward areas within the US.

Whether our skills embody DJing, production, web development, lighting, photography, painting, promotions (or something else outside of these listed realms), we are a group of artists and party people brought together by mutual respect and admiration.

Our diverse roots are grounded in mutual love for music.

While we evolved as individuals, we remained a part of the whole, each sustaining the tree by contributing in our own unique ways.

We encourage our collective members to voice their ideas & inspirations, make their creative visions a reality, and support each others initiatives – initiatives often intertwined with our local communities.

We promote all of our roots by supporting individual and collective endeavors, and we support our collaborative artist friends (branches) in effort to boost their initiatives as well.

We are committed to empowering each other with the combined abilities of the collective.

As we plant new seeds, we celebrate the cool, nurturing, and sometimes unexpected offshoots that emerge as our tree branches outward.

Through decades of cultivation and nurturing, the tree grew stronger.

Music is what brought us together, and is our driving force.

Livestreams and live performances remain the central platform that allow us to showcase our talents, share our passions, support our community, and express our creative messages.

Together we are stronger. Together we can organize events that bring joy and make changes for the better.

Whether our collective members are engaged in daily FTC happenings, or they pop in a few times a year to say hello, they are all valued and respected. As a root, branch, sapling, or cherry blossom, we welcome you to join our community and become a part of our Family Tree.

– FTC, beat bangers extraordinaire, Rowdy Heaters 4evaaa!!!

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