High Tension

Drum & Bass/Minimal Techno

“2 Turntables without a microphone.”

Legend has it that after stepping back from the decks for a bit, a guy walks into a house party and gets befriended by 2 dudes. One in an orange beanie, full of inspirational positivity and the other, some salty so-and-so with a sound system. At gunpoint, but probably really more over cold beverages, Cesar and Elation make a compelling argument that I needed to return to the craft. After joining joining forces with them and Chipleh, we threw an epic house party in a dilapidated row-house in Baltimore city. That, being the first of many bad decisions, led to the group meeting regularly to hang out and play good music.

From those early sessions, Family Tree Collective, was born and I became the tightest wound string of the FTC tapestry. Moving seamlessly thought whatever genre is currently making my head bob; my regular modus operandi is jazzy intelligent Drum and Bass with the occasional grimy banger tossed across the crossfader for good measure. Although I’m often mistaken for Carl Cox, NOT, it’s not out of character for me to throw down a bangin’ house set or change it up with some deep, minimal techno for your loungey vibe pleasure.

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