Breakbeats, House, DnB

My illustrious DJ journey had humble beginnings in the 90’s Baltimore underground scene, as I fell in love with the music, the vibes and, of course, the people… My soul brothers and sisters, a lot of whom I didn’t personally know but felt an unspoken, deep bond with, connected by our mutual burning passion for music.

As I danced the night away at parties like Fever and Buzz, moved by the rhythms and melodies seamlessly mixed by so many phenomenal DJs, I was inspired to a new level of expression. I dreamed of being one of those DJs, not for the status but to make the dance floor groove as I weave my own stories on the decks.

Fast forward to the present moment… Almost 30 years of being blessed enough to spin my musical tales at some of the most dynamic venues in the DMV area and beyond. And now being a proud member of Family Tree Collective, I’m super excited to continue cultivating and nurturing roots that run deep with some of my dearest friends, to collectively spread the love for the music, people and good vibes that has stood the test of time!