Who needs this many personas? Like Really

Thanks for checking my bio out!  I love music, what more needs to be said? My primary style is drum and bass but am comfortable playing just about anything and with anyone.  I’ve been clashing records and styles since the mid/late 80’s when I started out keeping the high school backyard parties going with an eclectic mix of the then sounds…hip hop, goth rock, progressive/alternative electronic, industrial, pop, acid house, etc.

I split time in the 90s between underground and mainstream dj’ing around the Baltimore/DC area and easily moved from the early UK Breakbeat sound into the Jungle movement.  I took a brief hiatus from music but was lured into the production world by DJ Mike E when he “gifted” me a copy of what was then known as Fruity Loops (now FL Studio).  Hence the multiple personalities below!

Into the new century and I haven’t stopped…

blog – (Your one stop shop for all things earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, war, music, beer, and general zaniness!)

instagram –  (I’ve been looking so  long at these pictures of me…wait, what?)

mixcloud – (The place I upload mixes to…duh!)

soundcloud –  (Also the place I upload mixes to but also some original productions/mash-ups when I’m inclined)

twitch – (Make sure to follow me and help me hit 200 Followers!  This is the live stream for scheduled events and random pop ups)

twitter – (Sometimes I tweet, sometimes I do not)

youtube – (You can re-watch the uploaded videos from the live stream if you missed it the first time.  Or, you could just not watch but listen to the music and my nonsensical ramblings.  The quality control department may be suspect though.)