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Live and direct from the Tree House Studio, FTC is serving up our unique menu of funky grooves and dynamic beats to inspire your mind, move your body and soothe your soul.

This week’s guest is not really a guest. He’s FTC’s “Main Root,” aka Elation. Elation will be auditioning for the amazing Global Beats Festival.


I’m sure everybody is used to hearing me say “This is going to be the greatest show ever.” Every show we do, live or in person really is the greatest ever. Everyone at FTC puts in so much into keeping this amazing ride going. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past year and I’m excited to see what else the future has for us.

This stream (and hopefully more of this kind) is a fantastic opportunity to grow the FTC branches and show a lot of new people how awesome this Collective is. I always say “Without you, none of this happens.” It’s still true and will always be.

As you all know, I’m a Br8kbeat Freak and Breaks Junkie (I have the shirt to prove it). When I first joined the Twitch community, I was lost in the DnB world (not a bad thing) and it took me a while to find my fellow Breaks Lovers. Global Beats Festival exposed me to a lot of big name Breaks producers and DJs but also a lot of not so big named talent. It was in these streams I felt most comfortable. I learned about labels and world class talent I never heard before….but it’s the people behind it that impress me the most. So many amazing humans using their talents to help others. This is where I have to shout out Purest Purity and his Symbiosis community, to which I am grateful to be a part of. I’ve seen and heard a lot of beautiful moments which help me remember why my DJ name is Elation and I do what I do. BIG ups and many thanks to the Global Beats Festival for leading me to such a fine group of humans.

This stream is so very important to me. I thought I originally signed up for Friday 8/12/22 at 8:00 PM but apparently I didn’t. I picked this day to audition because I wanted to see Paranoid Androidz (who I’m 200% determined to get into the Tree House), Icey, Keith Mackenzie and Peter Lantern in VA Beach the next day. There were a few audition slots left on Saturday and as much as it sucks I will be missing a FIRE show, I’ll be Breakin Dem Beats with the Fam in my home away from home.

Again, none of this happens without you. I humbly ask you join this stream and do what you do…Get ROWDY in the chat, crack jokes, show love and support. Host up, share and let’s show the Global Beats Festival how our family gets down!

And to all of the other applicants, whose streams I watch, I’m rooting for you!