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As the event title suggests, we are elated to have another badass lady join the Family Tree Collective.

Married2Breaks is a new up-and-coming DJ that labels herself as aspiring to be. Having been dabbling in breakbeats for about a year now, Married2Breaks has finally gotten over her camera shyness and crossed the threshold into playing online shows.

Paubl0 and PMMAIRE will commence the beat slanging live and direct as our newest member brings the night to a rowdy close.

Three hours of bangin’ tunes with some revitalized twitch shenanigans, you oughta know the program by now.

Twitch on Saturday January 7th, 7pm-10pm with your sparkliest, most frenetic and pyromaniac emotes 😹😹✨🔥💖🌪 as the FTC sisters support and raid into each other.

cya in the chat!

8 – 9 Paubl0 www.twitch.tv/Married2Breaks (Paubl0 will be with Married2Breaks and streaming from her channel

9 – 10 Married2Breaks www.twitch.tv/Married2Breaks