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FTC’s 2nd annual “Breaksgiving” stream. Elation, FTC’s official Breaks Junkie/Br8kbeat Freak, created this momentous event last year because he wanted to bring people together for the Thanksgiving holiday.

What brings people together even more than turkey and mashed taters? Breakbeats of course! For 13 hours, FTC and friends will be Breakin Dem Beats live from the Tree House studio in it’s new location. No DnB, House, Techno and certainly no requests for any of these. Elation has host and mic duties. He might even throw a few surprise tracks down with the Fam…you never know with that guy!

You can expect the usual FTC suspects, returning veterans plus a few new Breaksgiving faces from far and wide.

Promo and giveaway info to be released soon. Will it a be another signed record like last year? Who knows? Just keep your eyes and ears open for any updates.
As always, this has always been and will always be #forthefam