Friendly advice – If you watch a stream from the comfort of your house, where the bathroom is clean, your bar tab isn’t $100 or more and you don’t pay a cover, you should take some or all of that money you’re saving and put it towards the streamer. There are a variety of different ways to to support streamers, it just takes a few minutes to read how each streaming platform goes about getting money. And, if all else fails, you can always PayPal, Venmo or whatever method streamers accept or buy merch, which is usually seen in the chat or on the overlay. With the cost of internet, equipment, music, electricity, ect, your $5 donation, channel sub, gift or platform currency helps your favorite streamer out more than you know. I know $5 seems like a lot but remember the cost to get into an event plus your outrageous bar tab…..$5 isn’t that much. Think about the value you are getting….How many of us spend $5 on garbage fast food a day or week? Cut 1 meal out and pay your favorite streamer. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re helping somebody and not just putting money in the toilet. You might even lose a pound or 2. It’s understandable to say “There’s so many streams going on all the time and I don’t have that kind of cash.” Take a few minutes and think about your absolute favorite and why they are. Put your money towards them. Pick your top 5 streamers and give them $1 each. We are grateful for anything we get, even if Twitch takes half…I’m grateful that anybody watches our stream at all. Just remember everything helps, no matter how big or small.

*This is just a thought, not a sermon*