“Every Family has a story to tell. Welcome to ours.”

It’s a no brainer that Chris Hockhousen, aka Habitude, officially join the Fam. It had to be the right time and it was well worth the wait. Chris has always been close to FTC. His wife, Amanda aka Married2Breaks, joined FTC in January of 2023. Chris has always promoted FTC and is no stranger to the Tree House studio. Habitude brings a lot to table with years or experience, fresh ideas and many connections from far and wide. Bass House is his specialty when it comes to genres but Chris and his skills are universal, which makes it easy for him to play any genre. This was demonstrated last November when he broke dem beats for FTC’s annual “Breaksgiving” event. This also where Married2Breaks got over her camera fear, came out of her shell and set the tone for the rest of the day and night. The RVA branch of FTC becomes bigger and stronger with the addition of Chris.  Be on the lookout for Habitude apparel in FTC’s merch, coming soon. If you want to hear more of Habitude, head over to and to keep up with latest Habitude news, head over to