I Was Dreamin’ When I wrote This

One of the best moments in my life involved a Prince song. It was New Years eve of 1999. Back then The Family Tree ran supreme at Club Midnite (Now The Ottobar). The scene was thick…so many friends and familiar faces packed into a dirty little club we used to call home on Thursday nights. It was packed wall to wall. You literally had to fight for every inch of space you got. Let me take a moment and shout out to the 22 ounce Coronas we drank by the truckload. Woot woot. I remember being in the DJ booth and looking out at so many smiling faces and thinking to myself: “I am so lucky to be part of this.” The night wore on, people were happy and then it began…the count down. I would have to imagine that all of my friends knew what was to come shortly…I had Prince’s 1999 cued up on the 1200 (we used to play records back in the day). I could feel the energy levels rising to a boiling point as the count down continued. You could cut it with a knife. At the stroke of Midnight, at Club Midnite, on New Year’s Eve of 1999, I put the needle on the record. As a write this, I am getting goosebumps. I cannot even begin to describe the energy as the whole club erupted all at once as the record played. I will never forget that night. It’s moments like these that have always made me appreciate being a DJ. My name is Elation and all I’ve ever wanted to do is spread some to you. Thank you Prince for allowing me to do that for one of the greatest moments in my life.